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dealPad makes raising capital easier

  • Faster capital raise

    We help you locate the right investors for you company.

  • Deal transparency

    Track views, engagement, book-build & more.

  • Inbound leads

    By empowering investors we turn an outbound process on its head.

  • Share deals

    Advisers can continue to share deals, whilst empowering lead advisers.

  • Search & discover

    Advisers & Investors can see deals from multiple advisers, all on the one platform.

  • Post-deal communication

    Use dealPad to keep your stakeholders up-to-date post cap-raise.

  • Powerful data

    Get insights into your advisory firm & keep track of the market.

  • Investor matching

    Companies looking to raise are matched to advisors with the most relevant investors.

  • Audit trail

    Keep track of who has seen what & when.

How dealPad works for...

  1. Promote

    Promote your deal & get it out to all of your investors instantly. Turn your outbound call process to in-bound leads where investors actively engage with companies they are interested in investing in.

  2. Book build

    Bring investors on the book, and build the deal all on dealPad. Give them access to documentation and keep track of who is viewing what & when.

  3. Close

    Everyone has a different close process. We don’t try and fit you into ours but you can use it to streamline, go offline if need be, and come back to close the deal.

  4. Stay in touch

    Use dealPad to communicate, and track conversations, before, during & after the deal. Companies get access to tools to keep their shareholders & stakeholders up to date, stay in touch with companies & see their progress past the raise.

  1. Search

    Subscribe to private adviser pools or search the global pool – either way get access to more vetted deals. Every deal is listed by a corporate adviser who puts their brand to the deal – giving a minimum threshold to get over.

  2. Enquire

    Once you have discovered deals you are interested in, simply enquire with the lead adviser to get access to the documentation or start a conversation.

  3. Close

    Track your investments & see deals build and close. Never be out of the loop on a deal and know what is happening, and who to contact if you need information.

  4. Stay in touch

    Keep up to date with your investments post deal. Follow investor updates, board reports & general alert via a twitter style newsfeed.

  1. Find

    Finding the right investors for your company is the hardest part of any raise – use dealPad to connect with the right corporate adviser, with the right investor base and set yourself up from day 1.

  2. Go to Market

    Publish your offer to a select few, or a large mass, of qualified, sophisticated investors and watch the interaction.

  3. Save time

    A capital raise can be a draining process – we have streamlined & digitialised it so you can spend time with investors already interested in you & what you’re doing.

  4. Manage relationships

    Post deal manage your key stakeholders – Board members, investors & advisers – all through the platform seamlessly. Make sure you keep your advocates highly engaged.


Everything you need to stay in control of your deals.

  • Relevant searching

    See newest deals, by type or by relevance to your investment criteria

  • Deal analytics & reports

    Get deal by deal analytics, tracking reports & book-build progress.

  • Simple templated pages

    Templated pages to easily compare deals.

  • Machine learning

    Learning what people are searching for & adjusting databases.

  • Deal notifications

    Don’t miss out on the next big deal, get notified!

  • Investor & deal matching

    We match companies with the right adviser, with the right investor base.

  • Book build

    Build your book with greater insight & knowledge – keep track of who is at what stage.

  • Intelligent sharing

    Lead advisers can share deals with others to promote offerings, whilst keeping power of who gets access to the dealroom.

  • Constant communication

    Stay in touch with companies post raise – get Board reports & Investor updates all in the one spot.

A few extras to know...

All deals listed on dealPad need to go through a corporate adviser – this ensures a low-water mark for all investors and that a minimum amount of work has been done to vet the company and deal.

Either ask your corporate adviser to use dealPad or contact us and we will put you in touch with the right adviser, with the right investor base, for your deal.
Yes, dealPad is independent of corporate advisers and is here to serve the whole market. We are a privately held company and have no shareholding or control by corporate advisers or other firms. We have a background from Big 4 firms & industry, having gone through half a dozen transactions ourselves for >$200m EV.
We utilize the latest encryption technologies to keep information safe and you in control of the data flow. Files are held by trusted third-party dataroom providers whilst user details are all encrypted through AWS protocols.

Deals are shares either just to an Adviser’s private pool of investors or to the dealPad global investor pool & dataroom access is controlled, at all times, only by the Lead Adviser.
As a company doing a capital raise you can choose your corporate adviser, who then control the deal-flow. Depending on the deal the corporate adviser may recommend you promote your deal to their Private Pool, a number of Private Pools and/or to the Global Pool at various times.